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Embracing Democratic Principles

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Servant Leadership, based on co-operation, collegiality and dialogue, is our governance model. Acknowledging our baptismal imperative to serve and lead, we invite all men and women to conscious active participation in the life and leadership of this community.

Structurally, a steering committee comprised of dedicated members, is discerned to lead the community.

At-large meetings of the entire community are scheduled throughout the year.

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All of St. John XXIII’s financial resources are donations from the community. We pledge to use those resources prudently in the best interest of the community.

St. John XXIII’s finances are managed by a team of two co-treasurers. Their responsibilities are divided, with one of the co-treasurers responsible for the collection, documentation and deposit of the collections into the community’s checking account: the other co-treasurer is responsible for validating the expense, and writing the checks to cover the community’s expenses.

From time to time, the Steering Committee directs the payment of some of our resources, over and above those needed to defray operating expenses, to other organizations. These organizations share the values of our community and are chosen by the Steering Committee with input from the community at large. The checks and distributed as directed.

St. John XXIII was incorporated in the state of Illinois as a not-for-profit that is organized and operated as a religious organization int eh Catholic Christian faith tradition on November 5, 2014.

Subsequent to our incorporation, St. John XXIII filed for and was granted 501(C)3 status by the Internal Revenue Service, making donations to our community eligible for tax deductions. Both the incorporation and 501(C)3 filings were handled by the community’s co-treasurers with assistance from outside council.